San Diego Central Court
September 29, 2016
Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre
September 26, 2016

Project Name: DR. MAX-NÄDER-HAUS
Location: Hindenburgring 39, 37115 Duderstadt, Germany
Architect: Gnaedinger Architekten, Germany
Material: 4 mm Aluminum
System: System Allach, Fa. Ebener
Construction: 2015
Area of Panels: 2,000 sq. ft.



Through its expressive form language, its three-dimensional folded and bended metal façade, as well as his extensive glazing, the new building settles deliberately significantly from existing, built in 1949 in the classical style house.
Resulting, exciting interaction between old and new gives the project beyond its very own and unique characteristics, a prestigious showcase in Duderstadt, Germany. One of the most complex project engineered by Rainscreen Solutions.
For this project Rainscreen Solutions LLC received in 2015 contract to provide engineering for exterior metal cladding system.
For more information about this project, please visit:
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