Santa Monica Parking Garage Structure

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September 26, 2016
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September 26, 2016

Project Name: Santa Monica Parking Garage Structure
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Architect: Behnisch Architekten + Studio Jantzen, IPD International
Material: 3/16” Aluminum, 1 mm mirror finish stainless steel
System: Custom Designed Pohl Europanel System
Construction: 2013
Area of Panels: 25,000 s.f.



Parking Structure #6 was designed by architect Christof Jantzen, of Studio Jantzen, in collaboration with Morley Construction Company and International Parking Design. While regular in layout, it features more spaces than usual for charging electric cars (30 spaces, with infrastructure for 130) and for bicycles (70 spaces in the structure, 40 on the sidewalk outside) as well as retail space on the ground floor, and solar panels on the roof. And then it has a very eye-catching façade. First off, it pops with red, orange and yellow metal panels, each set at a different angle, says Jantzen, to reflect light in a way that illuminates the interior. The panels’ colors are intended not merely to look sunny but to correspond, metaphorically, with changing illumination levels on the façade.
Add to that a bold red stair, descending from top to bottom of the building on the street-side, akin to the external escalator at BCAM, the Centre Pompidou or the Beverly Center. Design & Architecture, Posted January 7, 2014
For this project Pohl Engineering LLC / Rainscreen Solutions LLC were pleased to provide engineering service for metal panel’s façade system. For more information please visit:
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